Dress, JJ’s House – Earrings, Bijou Brigitte – Heels, Manfield – Hair, HairMonsterrrr

It’s an annual event for al the seniors, the day before we hear if we passed our exams and if we are graduated, we have prom. All the girls are doing their best to have the most beautiful dress, go to the hairdresser and let make-up artists do their make-up. All the boys wear tuxedos and buy big cigars. The club LUST in Utrecht was hired, of course there was a DJ and we all had the time of our lifes because we all knew that the day after we would hear the results.

My dress was quite a challenge. I wanted to find a dress perfect for me. Actually I wanted it to be a long dress, because that’s the fashion rule with prom, but I’m not the tallest so that wouldn’t totally fit me. So I thought it would be nice to have a dress which’s short in front and long at the back. Than the color, I was quite tanned because we had been on holiday to Greece and so an intensive color would make me even more tanned. I found this beautiful strapless dress on but when it was delivered and I tried it on, it was waaaay to big and it slide completely down from my body.  In like two days before prom it had to completely be re-maked and that it would suit me, and yes the tailor did it in time and so I had the perfect dress for prom.



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