Time flies! Within 48 hours I’ll be at Schiphol Airport where my trip to Central America will start. It’s getting serious now. I have to pack my bags, which was really a challenge. Normally I’m quite good in packing, but this time… Packing for half a year and keep in mind that it’s rainy season in Costa Rica and that I’m also going to work, so neat clothes can’t lack. First it was waaaaaay to much, but it’s getting better, haha.

I still don’t really realize that I’m leaving for half a year. It’s like every other summer and that next monday I will start a new year at high school again. Nothing special. I’m sorry for not posting anything last two weeks but I had to work at the sailing school for an other week and last week was chaotic! We came back from holiday at monday morning and immediately I had to start packing, regulate a couple of things for my trip, saying goodbye to people, this morning I got my last vaccination, all that kind of stuff. But I think I’m quite ready now.

I must say I’m seriously nervous, but in a good way. A few weeks ago I was so nervous, looking up to everything, I really didn’t want to go. But now it’s coming so close, I have healthy tension, haha. I’m looking forward to it! I must continue packing now. I’ll keep you guys up-to-date! xoxo




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