20130831-191547.jpgTomorrow is the day! I did the last thing today before I will leave tomorrow very early in the morning. This is my suitcase, how I always pack my bags for holidays. First I always cram my underwear and socks and other little things as much as I can in my shoes, you can also fill up the little empty places with them in your suitcase. Second, my magic word.. Rolling! It prevents many creases and you have so much more space by rolling your clothes. So, roll your clothes and you can add twice as much in your suitcase. And last tip, when all your clothes and stuff are in your suitcase end with towels or something on top, that when you open your suitcase, stuff won’t fall out.:)

I’m freaking nervous but also looking forward to it! I fly at 08:20, so 06:00 on the airport. Here we go!



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