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Today we went up at 5:00 am again to go to the waterfalls. It was amazing, we went to the waterfalls by horses, drove through the rainforest and went to three waterfalls. Amazing! The last one was the most impressive one, it was ginormous. I had never seen such a height waterfall. I really would have shared this with my parents and sisters, they absolutely would have loved and enjoyed this as well. After the last waterfall we got at a spa in the middle of the rainforest, that was so weird but beautiful. Everywhere were pools filled with water from the waterfalls. We relaxed a while and went back to civilization by tractor. We were just back in time because when we arrived at the building, we’ve got reminded that it’s still rainy season with an extreme rainstorm. It was a special day, I liked it more than yesterday to be honest. Yesterday was waaay to extreme for me, this was beautiful and something you wouldn’t see every day, especially not in Europe.

Oh btw, my post about yesterday is still coming but I have some cool pictures and video’s I need to upload but takes a bit longer on my iPad. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, I absolutely did and tomorrow back to “normal”, haha. Bye! xx

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