Finally, here it is, my story about my extreme day in Montrverde! Last Saturday we had to get up at 5:00 am because we were going to Monteverde with 8 girls from my school. I was pretty excited because we were going to do some things I normally never would have done. The bus trip to Monteverde was quite heavy because we had to ride for almost 5 hours but the roads aren’t that good here in Costa Rica, haha, so it was a shacky trip! When we arrived at Monteverde Extremo Park, we immediately started with the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life.. Bungee jump from 150 meters height, muy terrible! It was my first time and also my last haha. I was scared to death! You get completely disorientated and when you’ve stopped bouncing and just hang there, that’s still 50 meters above the ground, you think you’re gonna die, haha. But I did it, I’m still alive and no one will ever take that experience from me away.
After we revived the shock from bungee jump we did an extreme Canopy tour, which was 4 km total distance. It was fun, we went through the whole rain forest and it was so beautiful! The view was insane! We had to do 13 canopy glides, 1 Tarzan swing and the last canopy glide as superman. After 2,5 hrs of canopy we had lunch and then we went, through Monteverde city, back home. It was a really exciting day I will never forget, but waaay to extreme for me. But what ever guys, it was definitely worth it! I’m sorry, I can’t upload my video from the bungeejump, but i’ll try in later. Otherwise, you have to check my facebook for it.


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