Dear followers, I am sorry that it’s been this long time since my last post. I had some problems with my iPad and phone and couldn’t upload anything. Now that its almost a month and a half ago I wrote for the last time, I did a lot of things, and had a lot of fun and will summarize it in this blogpost. The time flies when you’re having fun, within three weeks I’ll be back in my cold, small, with no blue ocean and sunny weather, country.

The last two weeks one of my best friends from back home came to visit me, we had so much fun and did a lot of things. We climbed Monks Hill, with view over whole English Harbour, where I live. We sail and sub almost everyday and rented a

days where we toured around the island with, hopped to different beautiful beaches and tanned a lot, haha! This morning we swum with stingrays, they’re huge! I was really scared but it was an amazing experience! We celebrated Christmas together and next week also New Year. I enjoy my last three weeks to the fullest, cuz in three weeks it all will be over. I hope u all had a great lovely Christmas and that 2014 may bring all your hopes, dreams and desires to fruition! xoxo




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photo-4She’s young, she’s creative and she’s absolutely in love with hair!

My little sister Puck started with just trying things out by my other sister, mom and me and turns out, she’s pretty damn good in it! Since then she started to do more about it, she kept practicing and set up her own HairMonsterrrr Facebook and Instagram account. She also started a blog, so make sure you check it out! She gets more little jobs to do people’s hair for special occasions as weddings, party’s or diners. Recently she also started with doing colored dip-dyes. So don’t hesitate when you have a cute birthday diner or a gala and don’t know what to do with your hair. Contact her, she just love to do it!