Dear followers, I am sorry that it’s been this long time since my last post. I had some problems with my iPad and phone and couldn’t upload anything. Now that its almost a month and a half ago I wrote for the last time, I did a lot of things, and had a lot of fun and will summarize it in this blogpost. The time flies when you’re having fun, within three weeks I’ll be back in my cold, small, with no blue ocean and sunny weather, country.

The last two weeks one of my best friends from back home came to visit me, we had so much fun and did a lot of things. We climbed Monks Hill, with view over whole English Harbour, where I live. We sail and sub almost everyday and rented a

days where we toured around the island with, hopped to different beautiful beaches and tanned a lot, haha! This morning we swum with stingrays, they’re huge! I was really scared but it was an amazing experience! We celebrated Christmas together and next week also New Year. I enjoy my last three weeks to the fullest, cuz in three weeks it all will be over. I hope u all had a great lovely Christmas and that 2014 may bring all your hopes, dreams and desires to fruition! xoxo



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Good morning (for me), so I am now in Antigua in the Caribbean, this is my last place of my trip all ready, but I stay here for almost 3 months. I am living with my uncle, who is living here for more then 30 years now. The weather is absolutely beautiful, I have a few jobs and for the rest I can go to the beach and sail all day. Can it be better, haha? Yesterday morning I went sailing with some friends, just a morning sailing in the Caribbean, haha.

Enjoy your day!







Hi guys, now that I’m graduated I will tell you my plans for my next chapter. I’m going to travel for half a year and after that I will start at the Hotelschool The Hague location Amsterdam on the first of February.

My journey will start at the first of September to Costa Rica for two months. The first month I will going to school in Playa Tamarindo to improve my Spanish and I will live on the campus there. After four weeks I will go to Santo Domingo where I will live and work in an hotel. It’s important to improve my language and hospitality skills for my study, that’s one of the main reasons for my travel. The last day of October I’ll fly to Curacao where my parents will be and where we will celebrate my 18th birthday. After a week Curacao I will continue my journey to Antigua in the Caribbean where my uncle lives. I will work and live in Antigua for almost 3 months and will return the 17th of January back to the Netherlands.

It’s an amazing opportunity, a once-in-a-lifetime-experience. I’m looking forward to it but I’m also gonna miss my sisters and friends. I will keep you all up-to-date during my journey per this blog. I hope you’ll all enjoy it.