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It’s been a while, i know, but because I work all day here  its not that special to post 3 times a week about haha. The time pass by very fast and now it’s already my last full week here, next Thursday I’ll leave Costa Rica (if everything is right…!!) haha why? Because I just found out that I need permission to leave the country, because I’m still (12 hours left) a minor when I leave Costa Rica. But it will be fine. Here are some pictures of last week when I worked in the kitchen. I had an amazing time, the people here are all so nice, and yes my Spanish is making reaaally good progress, haha.

Adios amigosss



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Sorry I couldn’t post any sooner, but here we are again. It’s already a week and a half ago that I left beautiful Tamarindo and arrived in San Jose in the neighborhood Santo Domingo, where I am working for 4 weeks. I flew from Tamarindo to here with a mini plane, because it was waaaay faster and cheaper than with a transfer. Besides, you have a beautiful view and see much more from the country.
Hotel Bougainvillea is amazing! It has a ginormous beautiful garden with 100 of different plants and flowers. They have an amazing staff, who are all so friendly, helpful and kind and  great owners who give me this opportunity.
 My Spanish will definitely improve here! I have no choice and really have to speak it because no one can’t speak English properly.
I will make an other post with some pictures of the hotel, to give you an idea of where I live and work at the moment.


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The journey continues and at the moment I’m no longer in Tamarindo anymore. Yesterday morning I took a mini airplane from Tamarindo to San Jose, my seconds stop from my trip. My last night in Tamarindo was beautiful and very special! My amazing local friend Miguel took me first to Playa Conchal, after that we drove to Playa Grande for the sunset. We went uphill to watch Tamarindo by night and we went with friends to the beach club and partied all night long. The next morning Miguel brought me to the airport, I’m still not good in saying goodbye and it was pretty sad leaving this beautiful place. I have had an amazing time here and maybe one day I will return, who knows. Now I’m here in San Jose, in Hotel Bougainvillea, where I’ll live and work the next four weeks. I have to admit I miss Holland and the people and I look forward to next month when I finally will meet my parents again. xxx








Last Saturday one of my good local friend took me on the catamaran trip. It was amazing! The weather was great, there were such nice people and we saw so many things. We saw whales, sea turtles, and dolphins. We snorkled and went to beautiful little Honeymoon Beach, where you only can get by boat.

This was one of the best trips I did when I was here in Tamarindo. And again I saw how useful and important it is to have good connections. This is my last week here in Tamarindo and this weekend I will leave to San Jose.
Check out my video from the whales!


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My roommate and I were in some creative mood and wanted to bake a cake for our Tico friends, so we did. We went to the supermarket by bike, bought the ingredients, and started to bake. But our kitchen at the school campus is not like our normal kitchen so we had to improvise how we would make it. We mixed all the ingredients in a little pan and when we found out that we didn’t had a cake form we baked it in a wok pan, haha. It actually went well, the cake was good and the Tico’s loved it! Never stop doing what you love, even if you’re at the other side of the world.