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It’s been a while, i know, but because I work all day here  its not that special to post 3 times a week about haha. The time pass by very fast and now it’s already my last full week here, next Thursday I’ll leave Costa Rica (if everything is right…!!) haha why? Because I just found out that I need permission to leave the country, because I’m still (12 hours left) a minor when I leave Costa Rica. But it will be fine. Here are some pictures of last week when I worked in the kitchen. I had an amazing time, the people here are all so nice, and yes my Spanish is making reaaally good progress, haha.

Adios amigosss









Hi Guys, sorry it’s been a while since I wrote my last blogpost but the last week was kind of a mess and happened a lot and now I finally had rest to make a blogpost about everything.
Last week was pretty heavy, I couldn’t really find my way and actually wanted to go home. It just took a little longer than I had expected to feel comfortable and find my way in things here, but now I do and it’s great! This will be a long blogpost because I can’t skip things to tell haha.
This weekend we had made the plan to go on a little road trip for 3 days to the south to Santa Teresa, Santa Hermosa, Montezuma and Tortuga Island. Well, none of them we did and just made it to Santa Teresa, or at least I did. The plan was to go with five, we rented a car and only one guy was aloud to drive. Two of the girls we had to drop off in Santa Teresa because they would go on surfcamp there. First I looked forward to the trip but when the night before we would leave the only other girl canceled, which meant I would be alone with this guy eventually, I actually didn’t want to go anymore. Don’t get me wrong, normally I wouldn’t mind at all traveling with a guy or what ever, but this was the most awkward guy there is and we really couldn’t go along with each other. But I already paid and I just wanted to see the area and I was like, what ever, just do it, it’ll be fine. So Saturday morning we left very early and we would drive to the south, but the girls we would drop off wanted to go along the cost and visit some beaches on our way. But the road near the cost isn’t really the best to take and halfway you’ll get lost a hundred times or the road is blocked by rivers or other things. Eventually we did the trip in 11 hours, I was scared to death that we wouldn’t get there at all, get lost somewhere in the middle of fucking nowhere or drown in a river. When we finally arrived in Santa Teresa with the help of some local guy and dropped of the two girls, it was way to late and not possible to drive further to Montezuma. So we grabbed a Hostel and stayed there the night. The hostel was from some Dutch guy so I could finally tell someone about my day and what a mess it was. When we had diner in some restaurant I met two couples from Israel who just got married and where there on their honeymoon. We talked about Tamarindo and our trip and they said they wanted to go to Tamarindo on Sunday. The morning after I was sick of being with that guy, doing things I didn’t wanted to and so I run away, haha. I knew there was a shuttle that would go back to Tamarindo in four hours and I wanted to take that one, but I forgot it was Independence Day and so the shuttle wouldn’t drive… I didnt’t really knew what to do and was kind of helpless, haha. I ran into the couples from the night before who just rented the car to go to Tamarindo and they wanted to take me with them and so I got home safely in Tamarindo. It was crazy trip, but I think it’s really good it happened because these are the things that makes you stronger. I also have seen how important it is to have connections and be social with other people, it can always be useful. And even though it wasn’t fun all the time or what I was hoping it would be, other great things happened because of that. So that was my rollercostar weekend haha, how was yours? X







Haha, aren’t these suits amazing?! I was just looking for some red, love items, because there’s this theme ”Everything is love!” and I was asked to look for stuff and I popped in to this site. I fell in love, haha. So wrong but that makes it even more fun to wear. I showed my dad and said at your 50th birthday party you’ll be wearing one of these cool suits! My dad can laugh about this kind of things so, it wouldn’t surprise me if he will really do it, haha!

”Bye bye boring suits, welcome Opposuits!”