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Good morning (for me), so I am now in Antigua in the Caribbean, this is my last place of my trip all ready, but I stay here for almost 3 months. I am living with my uncle, who is living here for more then 30 years now. The weather is absolutely beautiful, I have a few jobs and for the rest I can go to the beach and sail all day. Can it be better, haha? Yesterday morning I went sailing with some friends, just a morning sailing in the Caribbean, haha.

Enjoy your day!



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As I told you guys, after I left Costa Rica I went to Curaçao where I would meet my parents for the first time in two months and celebrate my 18th birthday. When I arrived there was another big surprise waiting for me.. good friends of us where there as well and I did not know anything about it! The days went by fast but it was amazing seeing everybody again, have a normal conversation once and not talking through FaceTime or what ever. It was a special and different birthday, the first time not with my sisters and friends from the Netherlands and not in the cold weather, haha.


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The journey continues and at the moment I’m no longer in Tamarindo anymore. Yesterday morning I took a mini airplane from Tamarindo to San Jose, my seconds stop from my trip. My last night in Tamarindo was beautiful and very special! My amazing local friend Miguel took me first to Playa Conchal, after that we drove to Playa Grande for the sunset. We went uphill to watch Tamarindo by night and we went with friends to the beach club and partied all night long. The next morning Miguel brought me to the airport, I’m still not good in saying goodbye and it was pretty sad leaving this beautiful place. I have had an amazing time here and maybe one day I will return, who knows. Now I’m here in San Jose, in Hotel Bougainvillea, where I’ll live and work the next four weeks. I have to admit I miss Holland and the people and I look forward to next month when I finally will meet my parents again. xxx



Before I left some special people gave me something that would remind me of them. This is my collection of some very precious people and I look at it every day over again. It’s good to know that there still people on the other side of the planet that think of me as well sometimes, haha. I miss you guys. I hope you all survived the first week of school again, but hey it’s Friday, so cheers to freakin’ weekend! x






We’re already three days ago since I left my little country in Europe for my amazing journey to Central America. We arrived at Schiphol airport and there were also two of my friends who came to say goodbye. Time to say goodbye, I cried of course haha, one last wave before I went through the security and gone I was. It was a very long trip, I traveled more than 24 hours. I arrived at the school campus in the middle of the night. The next morning I had to get up early for the introduction. We went to the village, to the beach and hang around at the pool. Everything is really relaxed and chill, but to be honest you don’t want anything else in this heat, haha. Yesterday my first classes started and this weekend we’re going on trip to Monteverde. xoxo