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Sorry I couldn’t post any sooner, but here we are again. It’s already a week and a half ago that I left beautiful Tamarindo and arrived in San Jose in the neighborhood Santo Domingo, where I am working for 4 weeks. I flew from Tamarindo to here with a mini plane, because it was waaaay faster and cheaper than with a transfer. Besides, you have a beautiful view and see much more from the country.
Hotel Bougainvillea is amazing! It has a ginormous beautiful garden with 100 of different plants and flowers. They have an amazing staff, who are all so friendly, helpful and kind and  great owners who give me this opportunity.
 My Spanish will definitely improve here! I have no choice and really have to speak it because no one can’t speak English properly.
I will make an other post with some pictures of the hotel, to give you an idea of where I live and work at the moment.